Returning your leased Audi is easy. There are a few steps, however, that you need to take before handing over the keys to the team at Audi Wyoming Valley.

If you live near Dallas, Clarks Summit, or Wilkes-Barre, PA, keep reading below. We put together a few tips to help you learn about returning your leased vehicle.

So… How Should My Audi Look When I Return My Lease?

There are a few items to cross off your list when you return your Audi lease. For starters, you'll have to make sure that original equipment is on-hand for the return of the lease. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • All keys/fobs
  • Owner's manual and maintenance booklet
  • Original tires
  • Electric vehicle charging cable
  • Remote controls

Drivers should also schedule a lease return inspection prior to their lease maturity date. This can help you learn about possible excess wear and use charges. Afterwards, you'll review a lease inspection report and learn what steps you may be able to take to avoid charges.

You'll also receive a Wear and Use Guide. This will help you learn about your Audi's guidelines for returning your vehicle. 

Should I Schedule Service Before Returning My Audi?

A stop into our Audi service center can help you learn about possible service needs for your Audi. We can assist you in catching up on uncompleted warranty repairs or scheduled maintenance.

If service lights are illuminated, you should stop in for an appointment if maintenance is required. This includes, but is not limited to, items like:

  • Check engine light
  • Airbag light
  • Anti-lock brake (ABS) light

Stopping in for service can make your Audi ready for the next driver and avoid excess use fees.

What Should the Audi's Exterior Look Like?

Before you return your leased Audi, you'll have to wash the vehicle's exterior. This includes cleaning the exterior frame and the wheels of your Audi.

When you open our Wear and Use Guide, you'll receive a card that helps you measure chips and scratches. Read below to learn the difference between normal and excessive use of your leased Audi.

What To Measure




Chips smaller than two inches on panel or bumper.

Marks bigger than two inches. More than three chips per panel.


Fewer than three dings. Dents smaller than two inches.

Dents bigger than two inches. Multiple dents or scratches per panel.


Single windshield chip

Chipped, cracked, or improperly tinted glass


More than 1/8-inch of tread at shallowest point

Less than 1/8 of an inch of tread at shallowest point


Minor steel or alloy wheel scuffs

Heavily marked alloy wheels

Tip: A scratch repair kit may help you avoid excess wear and use charges. You can also ask our team for recommendations about body repairs to the leased Audi.

How Should My Audi's Interior Look?

Let's take a look inside. Before returning your Audi lease, you should clean any interior stains and vacuum the cabin area.

Like its exterior, there are a few guideless for how your Audi interior should look. Read below to learn about some of the items we'll examine when you return your vehicle.

What to Look At




Minor stains

Holes, tears, and burns


Minor wear

Excessive staining


All original equipment present

Missing keys, navigation disks, cargo covers

If you lease an Audi convertible, you may have to check for damage to the convertible's top, too. This can also result in excess wear and use charges.

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We hope that we answered the question, How should my Audi look when I return my lease? If you have any more questions, the experts at Audi Wyoming Valley can help. Not only can we help you prepare for a lease return, but we can facilitate an Audi lease return as well.

If you live near Dallas, Clarks Summit, or Wilkes-Barre, contact our team. We'll be able to help you return your leased vehicle.

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