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Explore the Features of the New Audi S3 Sedan

When you want to drive a luxury sedan that has power to spare, consider the newly designed Audi S3 Sedan. All of the small details were designed to maximize its performance, and it's ready to handle any road conditions you encounter.

Under the hood, a 2.0-L turbocharged TFSI four-cylinder engine will produce up to 292 horsepower and 280 lb-ft of torque. This will propel the car from zero to sixty in as little as 4.6 seconds. This power is matched with a seven-speed transmission and quattro all-wheel drive that will let you maintain high levels of traction…

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Choosing Between All-Season Tires and Summer Tires

If you are considering changing to summer tires during the warm season months, explore the advantages and disadvantages of both all-season tires and summer tires. Both tire selections have specific recommendations.

Advantages to Summer Tires
  • Better traction in wet road conditions.
  • Enjoy better vehicle performance overall.
  • Fuel economy is better in the warm weather months.
Advantages to All-Season Tires
  • Solid traction in all types of road conditions.
  • Can be used in lower and higher temperatures.
  • Performs well in all temperatures and road conditions.
For those who live in the...
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Don't Fall for Motor Oil Myths

Not changing your motor oil can lead to a massive disaster. You can destroy your car when driving on aged, dirty motor oil. So, it is wise to change the oil at proper intervals. Don't, however, fall for a number of common myths about motor oil.

Two prevalent myths state motor oil must be changed every 3,000 miles and should be changed once the color turns black. Honestly, certain cars should have their oil changed at 3,000 miles but not all. Check your owner's manual to be sure. Black oil might indicate a problem, but not…

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What Some Common Dashboard Signs Mean and What You Should Do About Them

Besides displaying the speed and fuel level, the dashboard also functions to communicate the health of a car via the warning lights. While it is normal to get anxious upon seeing the lights not disappear after the vehicle starts moving, with the following information you will be better able to assess the condition and needs of your car – and whether you need to bring it by our service center at Wyoming Valley Audi.
  • Check Engine or Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL): This is presumably the most terrifying sign out there, as it indicates something is wrong with the engine itself...
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Should You Have the Car Tires Rotated More Often?

Running your vehicle until the tires are practically bald is not safe, and it costs you more money than you realize. These are a couple reasons why tire rotations are so critical.
  1. When the tires are not being rotated, the front will wear faster than the rear due to how the car steers. Uneven wear in all four tires could affect road handling on slick roads and make it difficult to maintain lane safety.
  2. Tires will wear faster and require you to be buying new ones much sooner than had you gotten them rotated every other oil change.
  3. Tires that…
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Headlights May Need Replacing Before They Burn Out

It is obviously unsafe and in most states illegal to drive with a headlight burnt out or in an inoperable turn signal. It is also easy to tell that a bulb needs replaced when it has stopped working entirely. However, it is quite possible that your headlights need replacing long before they cease to work entirely. Bulbs of all types can dim over time and no longer provide the original brightness that they had when first installed. At Wyoming Valley Audi in Larksville, PA, we are able to replace these dim bulbs to keep you safe at night.


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Time for Tire Alignment?

Tire replacement and alignment is very important in lengthening the life cycle of your vehicle and also increasing your safety. If you have a new car and don't know whether your tires need a replacement or rotation, here are some tips that can help you through.

The tread is one of the best indicators that your tires need to be changes. Another indicator is the wear both on the inside and the outside. As for identifying whether your tires need balancing, you need to watch whether you have uneven tear. Uneven tear on your tires will not be corrected…

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