While many see electric vehicles (EV's) as smaller vehicles, other companies are working hard to make sure there are more options available for the modern consumer. That is why our team at Audi Wyoming Valley located right here in Wilkes-Barre is so excited about the all-new 2019 Audi E-tron!

This battery is rated at 95 kilowatt hours. This means that, on a full charge, you will be able to drive over 200 miles. This will make weekend trips and driving back and forth to work easier than ever before. Also, unlike a vehicle with an engine, this vehicle's power source is located underneath the vehicle. This means that the center of gravity of this SUV is much lower and centered than a typical car. This makes handling better and allows for a smoother feel. Just because this car is all electric doesn't mean that it still can't be fun to drive.



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