The Audi A5 has two technologies that provide different advantages on the road. Its informative display panel compiles a lot of useful data that simplifies the process of traveling to various destinations, and MMI Touch gives users opportunities to access the data quicker.

When you drive an Audi A5, important navigation information is projected onto a convenient display in front of the steering wheel. This display panel is very wide, so you'll see extended images of maps that highlight long streets and highways. The technology that powers the software can run on a classic or infotainment mode. Audi's infotainment mode enables icons for music and other entertainment apps. You can launch many apps on the display using MMI Touch. The touchpad recognizes swipes letters and numbers.

Audi A5 technologies give motorists a better driving experience. If you want to check out these systems, consider taking an Audi A5 out for a test drive. In Wilkes-Barre, you can arrange a short trip in an A5 at Audi Wyoming Valley.



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