Most individuals in Dallas, Clarks Summit, and Mountain Top become confused when their dashboard lights come on or start flashing. Though there is usually no cause for alarm, the Audi S4 dashboard lights are a way to indicate the failure of one or more of the car's components. However, there are situations where a flashing dashboard light is indicative of a serious fault or damage to the car's mechanics. If appropriate steps are not taken to resolve the issue, it may result in unpleasant and severe consequences.Audi S4 Dashboard Light Guide

To help guide you through your Audi S4, the service team at Audi Wyoming Valley has put together this handy dashboard light guide specific to the S4. Feel free to print this out to keep on hand, or follow up with us and submit your questions either online or by giving us a call.

Central Indicator Light

This is a general warning light from Audi's pre sense® components. To obtain more information, the driver should check the vehicle's instrument cluster. It's usually accompanied by a warning tone. If the message shown on the cluster is ambiguous, please contact the Audi dealership.

Brake Warning Alert

Once this warning light comes on, the vehicle should be stopped immediately. It usually indicates that the level of the braking fluid is low. If the braking fluid is topped off and the brake warning alert light is still blinking, then contact the Audi dealership.

Parking Brake Light

If the dashboard light for the parking brake comes on, it means that the parking brake is set. If the light is steadily blinking, it means the vehicle hasn't built up enough braking force or the braking force has decreased. To secure the vehicle, put the lever position on the selector marked "P".

Engine Coolant Warning Alert

If the engine coolant indicator light on the dashboard comes on, it means he coolant level is low and the vehicle is in danger of overheating. The driver should pull over and top off the coolant. To prevent the engine from overheating, the car should only be driven when this indicator light goes off. If this warning is ignored, it could lead to severe engine damage.Audi S4 Dashboard Light Guide

Engine Temperature Warning Light

The engine temperature indicator lights only come on when the engine is overheating. This is usually a result of the driver ignoring the engine coolant warning alert lights. The driver should immediately pull over and allow the engine to cool off. Don't attempt to top off the coolant until the vehicle's temperature has returned to normal.

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We hope this brief guide has provided you with some insight and answers into what is going on with your Audi S4 and what each of the dashboard lights indicate. If you think one of the above issues is currently happening with your vehicle, then there's no need to panic. The service team at Audi Wyoming Valley , serving Dallas, Clarks Summit, and Mountain Top, are here and ready to help you get back on the road in no time. Simply give us a call or schedule a service appointment online today.

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