Whenever an unexpected indicator lights up on your dashboard, the first thing many people do is panic, thinking something major is wrong with their vehicle. These lights, however, can mean a great number of things, and while many of them do indicate that you should get your vehicle into your local Clarks Summit, Wilkes-Barre, and Dallas, not all lights indicate an immediate emergency that means your car is unsafe to drive.

The best thing to do is keep a quick reference handy so that when something does ignite you don't have to sift through your owner's manual trying to locate what that indicator means. Keep this Audi Q3 dashboard light guide on hand so that when you do see an indicator, you can quickly diagnose the problem and get in for service.

Audi Q3 Dashboard Lights

In general, there are two types of dashboard lights you'll see in your Audi Q3 which indicate the need for service. These are color-coded. Just like a traffic light, if you see a red light, it means stop and have your vehicle checked immediately. If you see a yellow light, it means that something's wrong-the car is not unsafe to drive but if you don't get it looked at, a major problem could result down the road. Here's an Audi Q3 dashboard light guide based on red or yellow lights.

Red Dashboard Lights

If you see any light on your dashboard that is red, you should stop the vehicle as soon as you can, and get in touch with your local Audi dealer. The car may be unsafe to drive, or at very least, there is likely a major issue somewhere in your systems.

Red dashboard lights can include the following:

  • Engine Oil: If you see this light, it means your oil pressure is low. Your engine could overheat and suffer serious damage. You need to check your oil levels and refill them to the recommended level. If the oil level is correct and you still see this light, there's a bigger problem with the system.
  • Brake Light: If you see the BRAKE indicator light, something's wrong with your braking system. Stop the car as soon as you can, and check your brake fluid. If the fluid levels are okay, there may be an issue with your parking brake.
  • Battery Light: If you see a light that looks like a battery, there's an issue with your charging system. You might have a bad battery, a bad alternator, or another issue. If this happens, don't shut off your car as you may not be able to start it again. Get your car to an Audi service center right away.

Yellow Dashboard Lights

Yellow lights mean there's an issue in the vehicle which should be checked before it turns serious. It's still generally safe to drive, but if you leave it go, there could be a major problem later. Some examples of yellow lights include:

  • Check Engine Light: A picture of an engine could mean any number of issues with your engine electronics, or that your fuel cap is loose. Tighten the fuel cap and then get the car in to have a code reader put on it.
  • Brake Pads: If you see this yellow indicator, it's time to get your brakes checked and changed. If it's on along with the BRAKE light, get your car in to be checked immediately.

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