Audi A3 Technology



The Audi A3 is a luxury car that also comes with a range of innovative features and options. This compact car has been a popular choice among drivers thanks to the variety of advanced technology it features for added entertainment, convenience, and comfort.


Drivers in Clarks Summit, Dallas, and Wilkes-Barre can find out more about the Audi A3 technology with this comprehensive technology review from Audi Wyoming Valley.

Audi A3 Infotainment Features

The Audi A3 will come with a 10.1-inch touchscreen that uses the intuitive MIB 3 interface for entertainment and information. This feature is easy to learn and use, especially with the combination of touch inputs and knobs and buttons for easy control over it settings. Other available entertainment features include a Wi-Fi hotspot and a wireless charging pad.

Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ smartphone integration will be included, so you can sync your phone to the onboard system for listening to music or audiobooks as well as accessing your phone's features on the go. Wireless compatibility for both is also an option for even easier connectivity. Several features are available, such as a navigation system that can predict traffic based on previous data and a head-up display to keep you informed as you drive.

Audi Safety Technology

The Audi includes many safety features as standard, including automated emergency braking with pedestrian detection. This feature provides a layer of protection with collision-avoidance systems. When the system detects a possible collision and alerts you, if you don't react quickly enough, the brakes are applied automatically to avoid it or mitigate its impact.

Lane-departure warning with lane-keep assist is standard, which alerts you if you drift out of your lane on the highway. The system provides minor steering corrections to guide you back and keep you centered in the lane. Another available feature is adaptive cruise control. This feature improves on standard cruise control by adjusting your speed to maintain a set follow distance from the vehicle ahead and stay with the flow of traffic. 

Audi Virtual Cockpit

The Virtual Cockpit is a unique feature for Audi and one of its most desirable features. The Virtual Cockpit replaces the conventional analogue gauge cluster with a 12.3-inch digital display. You can program the system to show different vehicle information, such as fuel level, warning lights, and more.

Steering wheel controls allow you to change the display and find out more about specific information, such as map information, an advanced trip computer, audio information, and cell phone features. You have the option to make the dials larger or smaller, so you can fit more information within the space. Standard gauges are still used for speed and rpm.

Experience the Audi A3 Technology

The Audi A3 offers plenty of remarkable technology features for entertainment and connectivity, convenience, information, and safety on the road.

Drivers in Clarks Summit, Dallas, and Wilkes-Barre can get a demonstration of the Audi A3 technology features by visiting Audi Wyoming Valley. Give us a call or visit our dealership to see the Audi A3 in person and take your test drive!



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